“After ten years in teaching I was becoming concerned about my voice’s ability to last a series of full days. After only five White’s Technique lessons I cannot believe the transformation in the power, range and tonality of my voice. I’m also surprised at how the Technique has made me a better singer.”

gary, deputy head teacher

“I had no idea White’s Technique would make such a huge difference to my voice. I just wish I had discovered it sooner!”

Jane, semi-professional mezzo soprano

“I very much wanted to be a barrister, but almost gave up my training because I knew that my weak voice and lack of authority when speaking would let me down in court. The improvement in my voice through White’s Technique, and the confidence that gave me, have now set me on a successful career.”

KEITH Webb, barrister

“After difficulties with singing or speaking I developed a haemorrhage on a vocal cord. My speech was weak, husky, and uncharacteristically deep, my singing range was only about one fourth, between middle D and G (I had been a soprano), and my voice felt extremely uncomfortable. Now, thanks to White’s Technique, I have a range of two and a half octaves, and the quality and ease of my speaking and singing is better than ever it was before my problem.”

helen hearn, teacher and choral singer

“When I gave presentations to large groups I couldn’t project my voice enough to the back of the room, and the effort made my throat sore. After only three White’s Technique lessons people remarked how much better my voice sounded. One lady at the back said she could hear me even though her hearing aid battery had run out! And my throat isn’t getting sore any more.”

Katie, wildlife project officer
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