Medal scheme

A rewards-based teaching process

The EGWS Medal Scheme is a voice training scheme for young singers.  It’s currently in its pilot phase, but will be available for general use in the near future. If you teach music to children in a primary school setting and think you would be interested in using the scheme, do get in touch.

What is it?

The EGWS Medal Scheme is a structured guide to teaching primary school children how to sing correctly. Based on the principles of White’s Technique, it is a simple but highly effective programme for teaching the basic skills of voice production in a classroom setting. It can be used as a stand-alone scheme or incorporated into other schemes such as the Kodaly Method.

Devised by the Society’s Education Officer, a primary teacher with more than forty years’ experience, the scheme is based on incremental learning principles with informal assessment carried out by the pupils’ own teacher. It provides full instructions to enable teachers to deliver the programme with confidence. It is child-centred and does not require any specialised knowledge on the part of the teacher.

The scheme offers incentives to pupils in the form of Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as they progress through three levels. Success at each level guarantees that pupils, as well as their teachers, have a sense of enjoyment and achievement; and this in turn ensures that classroom singing attains new levels of proficiency.

Please note:

  • The teacher (not the Society) assesses the pupils’ progress and decides on their suitability to receive an award.
  • Medals must be ordered through the Society and may take up to four to five weeks to deliver.

Who can use it?

Before you can participate in the Medal Scheme as a teacher:

  • You must have permission from the Ernest George White Society to use the Scheme.
  • You must be a practising primary teacher and be a member of the Ernest George White Society.
  • You don’t need to be a Registered Teacher of White’s Technique, although this would be an obvious advantage.
  • If you are not Registerd Teacher you must satisfy the Society that you have sufficient resources to implement the scheme effectively – for example by providing details of the school situation in which you work.

How do I apply to use the scheme?

In the first instance please contact the Society, telling us about yourself and your plans for using the Scheme.