Nicholas Amer

(29 September 1923 – 17 November 2019)

Nicholas Amer, January 2014

Nick, who died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 96, was a valued member of the EGWS and an enthusiastic proponent of White’s Technique for decades. He was the Society’s spoken voice expert who contributed his expertise to Society meetings, and also served on the Council for many years.

“Britain is awash with good actors. Among them was Nicholas Amer, who gave one of the best audition pieces I have ever seen. He had memorized from the novel the entire scene of Jim’s first encounter with Ben Gunn, the mad castaway Silver and his mates have stranded on the island, and he did it for me, playing both roles. Of course he got the part and was bloody good in it too. “(Charlton Heston on Nick’s audition for Ben Gunn in his 1990 film of Treasure Island.)

Nick Amer recalls his reason for investigating White’s Technique:

Nick’s acting career spanned nearly 70 years and included performing Shakespeare in nearly 40 countries as well as many appearances on the screen and London stage.

Nick as Lord Nelsom in the film ‘Nelson’s Touch’, 1979

The Society was represented at the memorial service, which was an interesting collection of memories from his family and friends, including Judi Dench. We were pleased that his association with the EGWS, and the benefits White’s Technique gave him in his career, were both mentioned. At the end of the service, the mourners were appropriately led in an enthusiastic round of applause for Nick’s final curtain.

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