Arthur D. Hewlett

Arthur hewlett_2Continuing E.G.W.’s work

Arthur Hewlett became a pupil of E.G.W.’s in 1925, and for the next 80 years, until his death at the age of 102, worked tirelessly to promote White’s Technique.

He edited the 1938 edition of E.G.W.’s Science and Singing, and he himself wrote Think Afresh About the Voice, which presented the Technique to the audience of his time and refined White’s theory into what Hewlett called his ‘General Theory’ of voice.

Arthur Hewlett became General Secretary of the newly formed E.G.W. Society in 1944, and was Honorary President from 1987 until his death in 2005. It is thanks to his devotion to the Society that it continues to exist and spread the word about White’s Technique.

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