‘Better Voice’: the e-course

Learn White’s Technique online

To enable as many people as possible to benefit from White’s Technique, the Society has published Better Voice, an e-learning course that teaches the basics of the Technique online.

Better Voice is aimed at anyone wishing to improve and protect their voice, whether for speaking, singing or both, on either a professional or amateur basis. The Better Voice e-course is available at www.bettervoice.co.uk.

There is also a special edition designed as a CPD course for teachers, available from the Times Educational Supplement at www.tes.com/institute.

If you wish to follow up the Better Voice course with more in-depth teaching of the Technique, personal tuition by Registered White’s Technique Teachers is available in some areas of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the United States. Tuition may also be available via Skype.

Registered Teachers provide varied programmes of voice training and rehabilitation, designed to meet the needs of the individual student. They also present workshops for choirs and for both professional and amateur voice-users of all types.

For more details please contact the Society.