Some supporting evidence 

In 1992 the Ernest George White Society sponsored an experienced singer and teacher, Roslyn Wells, to study the archives of the Society for a PhD at the University of Reading, UK.

In her thesis she stated that:

  • The strategy that was developed by White in the 1900s would seem to be ahead of its time.’
  • The general opinion was therefore that White had developed an effective and harmless singing technique.’
  • Comparison revealed that sinus tone production1 techniques were closer to the therapeutic model than were those of vocal cord teachers.’

and, finally

  • It is to be hoped that by building on safe singing strategies such as those recommended above, students will be provided with a basic foundation from which they can fulfil whatever potential they have – without the vocal problems caused by misuse – for the rest of their lives.’

She also noted that:

  • ‘over the years the number of testimonials to the success of sinus tone was prodigious.’  More

1′Sinus tone production’ was E.G. White’s original name for what we now know as White’s Technique.