JF and JW from side_2A better voice for speakers and singers

Welcome to the home of information about the Ernest George White Society,  about E.G. White himself,  and about the vocal technique named after him.

In the late nineteenth century E.G. White lost his voice because of the teaching methods at a London music school. As a result he devised what we now know as White’s Technique, a new way of using and developing the voice safely.

White’s Technique is a unique, easy-to-follow system that can transform your voice – for both speaking and singing.  It works for all types of voice and for all ages and levels of capability, from children to seniors,  from beginners to experienced speakers and vocalists, from amateurs to professionals.  

Safe, healing, protecting

White’s technique is guaranteed to improve your voice and  not to harm it (provided you follow the practice instructions, of course), and it protects your voice against possible future damage.

The technique can help with long-standing vocal problems such as damaged vocal cords (or vocal folds), chronic sinus congestion and even stammering.  What’s more, as it’s a holistic technique  it promotes general health and well-being as well as vocal development.

It’s been used by singers of all types from rock to opera, by  professionals who speak in public or who rely on their voice for their work, and by many who simply want to feel better about themselves and their voice.

The Ernest George White Society is a Registered Educational Charity (Reg. No. 303326), established by a Trust Deed dated 21 September 1965